SEO specialist
  • At least 2 years experience in SEO;
  • Programming languages and technologies: HTML, DHTML, CSS;
  • A portfolio of at least 5 successful promotion projects (in the cover letter or e-mail);
  • Higher education;
  • Analysis of the websites for better SEO-optimization;
  • Optimal compositing of semantic kernel;
  • Optimization and website promotion by key inquiries;
  • Internal website optimization: interlinking, work with content and meta tags - content optimization for search queries;
  • External website optimization: work with aggregators and exchanges of procurement of links, interaction with webmasters of sites;
  • Search of new and improvement of existing technologies of SEO-optimization;
  • Interaction with other specialists working on the website (content manager, programmer, html-layout manager);
  • Monitoring and adjustment of the process of website promotion on a monthly basis;
  • Preparation of periodical reporting and recommendations;
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