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Why does a company need a logo?

Logo can attract and hold your customers by giving them a positive and lasting impression about the company. Logo is like a graphical reputation of your brand, which constantly reminds people what your company is and that this is exactly what they need. Logo paves the way to the brand and turns the company into a leader.

How a logo should look like?

There are several options.

Symbol logo. This logo is an abstract image of the direction of your business.
Print logo. This logo contains only the name of your company written in a particular font.
Graphic logo. This design of a logo includes a graphic image which illustrates what exactly your company does.

Shape of a logo. Shape largely determines the initial attitude of the consumers. Modern logos often have several geometric shapes to be unique.

Colour of a logo. Usually there are no more than two colours in a good logo. White and black colours combine with other colours than others; therefore, it’s possible to use such combinations as 2 colours + white or 2 colours + black. In most cases the choice of specific colours is not random and is determined by the direction of company’s activities.

Usage of too many colours should be avoided, unless it is strongly dictated by the specifics of business. There are many reasons for that. First, the more colours are used, the more difficult it is to achieve balance and harmony. Second, too colourful logo is more difficult to remember and can be annoying. Third, expenses for advertising and souvenir products (as well as labels, packaging, etc.) can rise in several times, mainly because of a multi-coloured logo. It is best to choose unique colours as it gives a few advantages – logo becomes unique, memorable and you have a guarantee of receiving some qualitative souvenir products using your brand colours.

The cost of logo design is £80.

In most cases, you will receive a couple of options to choose from. As a result you will have a unique and attractive logo in multiple formats (.PSD, .PDF, .PNG), which you can use on your website, in print marketing material design, social media, etc.

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