SEO-optimisation / Promotion


SEO-optimisation is a measure to accelerate the index of your site by search engines (Google, etc..) also increase your page ranking in the issuance of search queries.

How much is a basic SEO-optimization?

Basic SEO-optimization is free of charge as part of the website development agreement.

  What is included in the basic SEO-optimization?

  • Micro-partitioning.
  • The titles of all pages of the site. <title>
  • Descriptions of all the pages.<description>
  • Keywords.<keywords>
  • Descriptions of all the pictures (alt tags)
  • The titles of all images. <title> 
  • The names of all files.
  • Favicon.ico
  • URL paths
  • Registration on popular online maps: e.g. Google
  • Setting connection with social networks, function like/recommend (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc)
  • Sitemap.
  • Registration in the most popular search engines: Google, Bing, etc

In addition, we can also create a unique content for your website written by our content specialist

If you have a website where you want to make a basic internal SEO-optimisation or if you are interested in rewriting your website’s content - contact us

Website promotion

Website Promotion - a set of measures to attract targeted visitors to your site. Its progress is defined by certain queries, which are the keywords of the site. This is a promising online marketing development direction that is a way to attract to your website only your target audience. Promotion involves content configuration, the semantic core, purchase links and much more. All details will be discussed with you personally to make sure we provide you with the services that will meet your goals and budget.

The price is based on the cost of queries. One of the most important concepts to assess their value is "competition". The more sites are moving to some request, the higher is its value. Therefore, to choose the best option, it is worth the most articulate questions: the cost will be lower and at the same time lead to the site visitors.

The first results will appear when the site will be indexed by search engines. It also occurs once every 2-3 weeks. But this does not mean that your site instantly takes a high position - it does not happen. It requires 2-4 months to have achieved the desired position on the selected query. After that require constant maintenance of the advertising company to again lose a profitable place in TOP10.

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