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Web Development

We offer any complexity website development services. A website is an essential part of your company’s reputation that can promote your business, make a good impression on your customers and partners as well as maximise the potential of your company.

1WebMaster offers a professional website development services for any business. We can guarantee a unique approach and design for every specific company.

Website Types

  Personal website

Personal Website - a personal project that contains any information you desire and is made in a specific style that would perfectly represent you.

  Online business card

Online Business Card – a small amount of the most important and useful information about your company that has to be present in the Internet, promoting your company to new customers. This kind of websites contain information about the company, product or services description, price list and contacts (no more than 10 pages).

  Landing Page

Landing Page is a one-page promotion website designed specifically to promote goods, services or the main website of the company. It contains full information about the specific products or services, special offers, events, announcements, etc.

It is designed to have better ranking in search engines, bringing more visitors to the main website of the company. The thing about SEO is that it’s more beneficial to create multiple websites with more narrow topics and optimise every website to their specific keywords.

Landing pages feature a bright and eye-catching design.

  Data portal

Data portal is a single point of access to a wide range of data such as information and links. If you are looking for a large multifunctional interactive website with user registration, message board, forums and other services – Data Portal is perfect for you.

  Corporate Website

Corporate Website is perfect for maintaining bigger company’s reputation on the web. It provides the detailed information about the company, trademark history, information on the products or services. Corporate Websites usually also contain news feed of the company, used for publishing information on advertising, special offers, information for press, etc. The website also contains the product catalogue.

  Informative Corporate Website

Informative Corporate Website is perfect for internal document circulation, calculation of company’s indicators, personnel management, information exchange between remote offices. It also often includes the admin section to create and modify the content, allowing company’s secretary to add or edit news, articles, background, and other information.


Forum website can be both a separate website or a section on the main one. It can be a good way to collect the content for the main website by creating new topics, announcing new articles, conducting market research or making a conjunction with mailing.

  Project Content

Usually Project Content is a non-profit website, which is just a collection of articles aiming to attract visitors to a certain topic. Then this traffic is usually directed to commercial websites, when the Project Content is used as an advertising platform. This kind of website can also be used as an educational and entertaining source.

  Online Store

Online Store website is used for selling goods online, when the customer can easily view, buy and arrange a delivery for the products you offer. Our specialists will be happy to create a website for your brand that will perfectly represent your business and will be easy to use for your customers.

How much does a website cost?

The price of every website is calculated individually. Its price consist of:

1. CMS or Content Management System. We work with CMS Bitrix and depending on the website’s complexity, we select the most suitable plan. The prices range from £40.

2. Hosting and Domain Name. Usually the cost of hosting does not exceed £50 per year, the cost of the domain name is approximately £12-£15 per year. If you already have a domain name and a hosting, we exclude this part of expenses.

3. Development. To find out the total price, first think what website exactly you are looking for. The prices of the development start from £350. In most cases we offer you a fixed price for the website, but if you would like to add some extras like an additional language, we add 40% of the cost of our work.

For every project we offer basic SEO-optimisation and 1 month of free maintenance. Moreover, we will teach you or your employees how to work with the website for free. This is how you will be able to upload new pictures, news, edit content, add new products all by yourself.

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