Technical support of the website
First, any system failure can threaten the existence of any website, causing loss of customers or clients visiting your website due to downed sites.The best support for the website can be done by a specialist based on accumulated experience. Besides, every website needs to have a planned backup to avoid data loss. By signing a contract for maintenance/support of your resource, we undertake that the reaction time to any failure of the website system will not exceed 2 hours.

Site maintenance as its development method

Resource efficiency is dependent on two main factors: users’ demand and search engine ranking. These results can be achieved only by the following actions and methods:
Working with the administrative part of the website – conducting promotional events, adding content, posting unique articles, etc
Systematic improvement of usability of the website (making it easier to use) and improvements of the software part of the resource
Maintenance of the website, related to newly drawn elements – change of design, background and banners
Thus, if you have a website (created by us or another company) and you realise that it needs constant updates, with an addition of new articles, photos, etc., but you don’t wish to do it for yourself, the best way out for you is to sign a contract for support/maintenance. We assure that new and relevant information will be posted within the shortest of terms.
When signing a contract for support/maintenance of the website the prices are discussed individually. It can be a monthly fixed fee, without considering the time spent on the maintenance or hourly pay at a rate of £15 per hour (you will get a detailed invoice at the end of each month, stating the exact amount of time spent and work performed).
Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention to the need for technical support for all the companies that correct position of their web portal is vital and to use it as an effective marketing tool.
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